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BTWCSC has been embedded in  the lives of African Americans in San Francisco since 1919. During WWI it was called “The Victory Club” an organization with social events, activities and services for African American soldiers during the war. At the end of WWI the staff felt a much needed community service would disappear, so a small group petitioned the Government to turn the remaining funds over to them and began the long history of the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center which opened in 1920. With the expansion of services and programs, BTWCSC has grown to become a center for all. Click here to read more about our Legacy of Victory

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Generations of San Franciscans are connected to BTWCSC, each with memories of friends, family, and events that shaped their lives. We want to capture some of these memories here. Create a “time capsule” of sorts that takes us back through history with differing recollections and perspectives of the past.

You are invited to share your memories of BTWCSC with others on this web site who may have their own experiences to share about the center. What are some of your stories about Booker T.?

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Legacy of Victory

Download a PDF of A Legacy of Victory – History of the BTWCSC